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The Southern Counties Drama Festival - 2017 Entries

Monday 20th February (7.30pm)
Lights & Bushels - My Second Best Bed by Barry Syder
The Oast Theatre - The Donor by Branko Ruzic

Tuesday 21st February (7.30pm)
The Oast Theatre - A Thing of Beauty by Charles Kray - Winner of the BEST ADULT ACTRESS AWARD - Elizabeth McCreadie
Sevenoaks Players - The Right Honourable Lady by Francis Beckett

Wednesday 22nd February (7.30pm)
Alternate Shadows -
White Lies by Richard James
Woldingham Players - A Little Box of Oblivion by Stephen Bean - Winner of the BEST ADULT ACTOR AWARD - Rick Morris, Winner of the BEST ADULT PRODUCTION AWARD

Thursday 23rd February (7.00pm)
The Oast Youth Theatre - Stolen Secrets by Fin Kennedy

Heathfield Youth Drama - The Terrible Fate of Humpty Dumpty by David Calcutt

Friday 24th February (7.00pm)
Heathfield Youth Drama - The Little Nut Tree by T B Morris
Young Oxted Players - Bully Dancers by Frank Gibbons
Glow Theatre Group - Hoodie by Lindsay Price - Winner of the BEST STAGE PRESENTATION AWARD, Winner of the ADJUDICATOR'S AWARD, Winner of the BEST YOUNG ACTRESS AWARD - Eloise Smith

Saturday 25th February (7.30pm)
Glow Theatre Group - Everyman adapted by Carol Ann Duffy
- Winner of the ICB FESTIVAL WINNER'S AWARD, Winner of the BEST YOUTH PRODUCTION AWARD, Winner of the ADJUDICATOR'S AWARD, Winner of the MARTIN PATRICK AWARD for BEST DIRECTOR - Jackie Driscoll, Winner of the BEST YOUNG ACTOR AWARD - Matthew Falconer
The Oxted Players
- The Twelve-Pound Look by J M Barrie

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