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RH8 0AA.

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HMS Pinafore sets sail at the Barn Theatre, Bluehouse Lane, Oxted on 14th and 15th of February at 7.30pm. Come and help the bevy of sisters, cousins and aunts and HMS's gallant crew to sing the choruses, lots of fun and frolic! If you would like to practice the choruses, come in the afternoon at 3.00pm with your ticket in hand for the evening performance.

Who will the young and beautiful Josephine marry? Will it be the Right Honourable Sir Joseph Porter KCB, the First Lord of the Admiralty or the handsome and dashing Ralph Rackstraw a lowly Able Seaman. What is the bumboat woman's secret (Little Buttercup, a plump and pleasing person) and how will it affect our dashing Captain? Is Dick Deadeye really as nasty as he looks?

So come and join us to find out all the answers to these questions. Enjoy professional singing, colourful costumes and energetic dancing in the wonderful setting of the Barn Theatre.

Tickets available from Churchill Gallery, Westerham on 01959 561811 until 26th January and thereafter from Ibbett Mosely, Station Road East, Oxted on 01883 712241.

Rehearsal Photographs
(by Julia Dallosso)