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A fantastic opportunity arose to see the Rolling Stones at The Barn - well almost! Instead of paying huge ticket prices to see The Stones when they play London next year during their final tour, people saw the next best thing in the shape of tribute act The Rolliní Clones at The Barn on Saturday 8th February 2003.

The Rolliní Clones appear regularly at live music venues all over the UK and are generally regarded as being one of the top three Stones tribute acts about today. They represent the ultimate in live band entertainment. You can sit back (or dance in the aisles) and watch as a hardened Rolling Stones fanatic or just simply enjoy, the unique blend of music, stage presentation as well as seeing a new dimension to the familiar - in their case, humour.

The band, based in Wiltshire, is fronted by Jagger lookalike and soundalike, Mark Smallman. Smallman makes a brilliant Jagger. Not only does he look and sound like Jagger, he struts like him too but, as Mark says, he is younger and prettier! A performance with a huge proportion of Stonesí hits, charisma and energy, itís all there. So while sounding uncannily like The Stones their show is presented in a wonderfully entertaining, tongue in cheek way. Taking the mick has never seemed more appropriate!

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