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Safe Use of Hazardous Equipment and Substances


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A Risk Assessment for any of the activities below that require greater than ordinary care must be completed by the Hirer for every show and be available immediately on request by the Duty Manager or any Barn Trustee


    When a naked flame is to be used during a performance a member of the stage crew must be positioned in the wings with a fire extinguisher. The flame should be extinguished as soon as possible. If this is done on stage then the item that has been burning, e.g. a cigarette, must be put out and disposed of in a receptacle containing sand.

    At the earliest opportunity the item that was lit must be removed from the theatre premises due to the risk of smouldering embers and checked to ensure that it is completely extinguished and that it is impossible for it to re-ignite.


  • Should never be used at frequencies above 8Hz.
  • Must not be used for more than twenty seconds at a time.
  • If more than one strobe is used they must be synchronised together.
  • Warning notices must be placed in the programme and theatre entrances.


  • Never use until fully heated-up.
  • Parts of the machine get very hot - use gloves and do not store until cooled down.
  • Never leave switched on for long periods nor unattended.
  • Avoid firing directly at people, fabrics or equipment and the operator should always have a clear view.
  • Never use more smoke than necessary and avoid dense clouds forming over an audience - small, frequent puffs, allowing time for dispersal, is safest and most effective technique.
  • Be aware of any smoke detectors that may be set off.
  • Make sure that all stage crew and cast are aware when smoke is going to be used.


  • Store in the special container provided, removing only the amount required at a time - this should be transported and stored in the cool box provided.
  • Use gloves at all times.
  • Ensure the bolier is up to temperature and that there is no risk of scalding.
  • Make sure that all stage crew and cast are aware when dry ice is going to be used.


    Lasers can only be used by a trained operator


    Smoke effect canisters - see under Smoke Machines


  • Handling, storage and control of pyrotechnics shall be the responsibility of the Hirer and shall be in accordance with the ABTT Code of Practice 'Pyrotechnics and Smoke Effects' (copy available on request) except as modified below.
  • Hirers must notify the Theatre Manager prior to the commencement of their hiring of their intention to use pyrotechnics during performances.
  • Only approved equipment, readily available on hire from theatrical suppliers, may be used. The theatre does not provide any special equipment.
  • Only small theatrical flash devices may be used and the pod must be sited at least 30cm from potentially combustible materials, in particular fabrics.
  • One person (for each separately located device) who is trained in the operation of pyrotechnics is to be responsible for setting and firing the device and must be positioned no more than 1.5m from the device, with a clear view of it and the surrounding area.

    Pyrotechnics Disclaimer: There can be no exceptions to the above absolute conditions of use and the Barn Theatre will accept no responsibility in relation to the purchase, storage or use of any pyrotechnics by any person at any time.