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Jekyll & Hyde
Oxted Operatic Society, 23rd – 27th November

Jekyll & Hyde is a truly fantastic modern musical, in the same genre as West End blockbusters Sweeny Todd and Jack the Ripper, and with more than just a feeling of Les Miserables. Frank Wildhorn combines a deeply lush and richly vibrant musical score with some of Leslie Bricusse’s most brilliant lyrics in creating such contemporary hits as, This Is The Moment, Take Me As I Am, Someone Like You, Once Upon A Dream.

Based on Robert Louis Stevenson's classic tale of good and evil, murder and chaos run rampant and evil lurks around every corner in Victorian London, but love and virtue put up a strong fight in this engaging thriller.

Refused help by his peers and superiors in his life-long quest to separate the two natures of man, Dr. Henry Jekyll resolves to experiment on himself – resulting in success and disaster. The evil nature of Jekyll surfaces as a separate identity, Edward Hyde, who seeks retribution on the members of the Board of Governors. Caught in the cross-fire of Jekyll’s epic internal struggle to keep his darker side under control are his fiancée, Emma, her father, Sir Danvers, his best friend, John Utterson and Lucy, a lady of the night.

This show mixes together characters from both ends of the social spectrum, songs and scenes that provide ample chills and thrills, and a main character split between the extremes of morality. But are they really that separate... "How do you tell evil from good?"

Directed by Nigel Kemp, with musical direction from Graham Wright, this promises to be one of the Society’s most memorable productions.

Tickets £10-£13 are available from Ticket Secretary (01883 714103) or after 2nd November from Ibbett Mosely (01883 712241)